The MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics is the first graduate program in the United States that is dedicated to the study of medical cannabis. The program will provide students with the knowledge they need to support patients and the medical cannabis industry, add to existing research, and develop well-informed medical cannabis policy.

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Enrollment deadline for Fall '20 is April 30

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Coursework is designed to accommodate students with and without a background in science or medicine, and faculty are dedicated to making courses interesting and accessible to all students regardless of academic background. It is for working professionals who need the flexibily of online classes. This program is ideal for: 


Some of your patients are medicating with cannabis for chronic pain. 

Do you know how to treat them?

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, a top-ranked pharmacy school, is the first university in the country to offer a MS in Medical Cannabis.

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Health Care Professionals 

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, scientists and those who work in palliative care and pain relief

Dispensary  Professionals 

Dispensary staff looking to better counsel their customers and further their careers 

Policy and Industry Professionals 

Regulators and those working in industry, government or the legal profession

With this online degree you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of basic and clinical sciences to identify appropriate candidates for medical cannabis therapy and determine appropriate dosing and administration
  • Apply knowledge of basic science and drug development to assure the safe and effective design and development of this medical product
  • Identify, analyze, and advocate for emerging issues related to medical cannabis and health
  • Continue working since the degree is online